Portugal Outside

When Aventura X decided to expand their business to reach a different kind of visitor. Following the success achieved with their bookings website. They reach out to develop a new and more complex booking app.

They want to present their customers with a complete “self-guided” program. At the same time give the ability to customize the program to their own liking.

The idea is to create a really unique experience for the site visitor. The default theme is extended with custom pages and templates to display more appealing content in each guide.

The website is in active development. The “guides” management system is in the test phase. The visitors can see a landing page and subscribe to the newsletter.

Wp Right On Time

WpRightOnTime is in active development with two requirements in mind. Create a truly time-based system for WordPress scheduled tasks. Manage everything from inside the WordPress admin area.

To create a time-based system an external server makes HTTP requests for wp_cron.php. This call is responsible for activating all due scheduled tasks the system is aware of.

The second requirement of managing all the calls from within the admin area requires the installation of the companion plugin. The plugin communicates with the server through an API. It’s possible to create calls, get reports and predict next calls.

A SaaS business model is in place with a subscription to access the service. Various tiers of service for different client needs.


CentralBio is an organic farming cooperative from Sintra – Portugal.

As small farmers as they are, the value in delivering the produce as fresh as possible to the end consumer is very high.

The is to grow their customer base and become a reference player in the Lisbon area. The solution decided is to sell their produce online and to deliver to the customer home.

On the technical side, the solution executed lay on a WooCommerce multi-vendor store. A professional theme to properly display the products. Custom development on WooCommerce features to meet client requirements.

Raízes Familiares

Raizes Familiares (Family roots) is a psychology and therapy clinic. Helping families going through difficult times is what they do best.

They needed to reach a bigger audience and at the same time, give to people searching for help a place where it was possible to discover their work.

A WordPress powered website was put in place, to promote their practices as well as research articles relevant to the field of work.

A custom theme and features were developed, to fulfill client requirements and expectations.

Aventura X

Aventura X is a Portuguese tour operator, devoted to help their clients discover the best that Portugal has to offer, through very exciting activities, tours and treks.

Since its beginning, Aventura X main focus were travelers from other countries that visit Portugal, but in the last year they concentrated more time to the domestic market, and started to create a new kind of activities.

So they needed a new website to advertise the new activities, the beautiful photographs of the places they visit, their adventures stories, and also to allow their clients to enrol in the activities.

The solution implemented, wordpress with a custom and exclusive theme and custom plugins, that allow our client to easily create and edit the content of the site, and also to manage their clients enrolment in the activities.

You can see some pictures of the project below.

Graneleiro de Janas

Ecoaldeia de Janas is a farming NGO/co-op that promotes fair trade and sustainability of rural areas, supporting organic farming, traditional activities and self-sufficiency.

They operate an online store to sell their produce as well as some of their farming neighbors.

Because the store is a custom php app, help was needed to add some features that they want to make the administration of the store easier.

Teaming with other developer, our job was to add the desired features, refactor the php code because it’s starting do became outdated. In the future, possible a re-design of the platform so it becomes more responsive and well suited for different devices. Its a work in progress…

You can see some photos of the current project below.

Casal Hortelão

Casal Hortelão is a small scale organic farming company, dedicated to bring the best produce to the market, while being respectful to the environment.

They needed a way to advertise their news, farming practices, organic principals and community activities.

A custom php cms was develop in order for them to have full control of the content and to implement some features to help manage their business.

You can see some photos of the project below.