Portugal Outside

When Aventura X decided to expand their business to reach a different kind of visitor. Following the success achieved with their bookings website. They reach out to develop a new and more complex booking app.

They want to present their customers with a complete “self-guided” program. At the same time give the ability to customize the program to their own liking.

The idea is to create a really unique experience for the site visitor. The default theme is extended with custom pages and templates to display more appealing content in each guide.

The website is in active development. The “guides” management system is in the test phase. The visitors can see a landing page and subscribe to the newsletter.

Wp Right On Time

WpRightOnTime is in active development with two requirements in mind. Create a truly time-based system for WordPress scheduled tasks. Manage everything from inside the WordPress admin area.

To create a time-based system an external server makes HTTP requests for wp_cron.php. This call is responsible for activating all due scheduled tasks the system is aware of.

The second requirement of managing all the calls from within the admin area requires the installation of the companion plugin. The plugin communicates with the server through an API. It’s possible to create calls, get reports and predict next calls.

A SaaS business model is in place with a subscription to access the service. Various tiers of service for different client needs.