Telmo Teixeira

Hi, I am an independent web developer who loves to find simple solutions for complex problems. And make the web beautiful.

Web tech is my thing. I would say that Open-source software, WordPress , UX/UI  and PHP/JS coding are what turned me into a web developer in the first place!

These days it is hard to find me doing anything other than coding and UX/UI, but if that happens you’ll probably catch me enjoying a good time with my family 😉


Web Developer

I’ve created my first website in 1997, and I have since dedicated many hours to small projects for friends and family. As a freelance web developer I am always learning and perfecting different techniques and acquiring new developer skills.

WordPress, PHP and Javascript are my tools of choice, and the ones I am investing more time into mastering.

You can take a look at my treehouse web developer profile here

And if you’re curious about what I do, check my most recent works here



Mass adjoining systems such as the web that have the power to influence our day-to-day activities have always fascinated me. You can blame my degree in Sociology for that.

Most of my working experience has been around technology, hardware, help-desk, networking, and now web developer.

This technical background gave me a pretty good insight into the impact technology has in our lives. It also provided me with a purpose-built approach when designing solutions for the web.

It comes as no surprise that my experience as a farmer and business owner has granted me a resourceful mindset and allowed me to grow in many different aspects of my life.


If you like my work and feel I can be your web developer reach out and e-mail me with your ideas for your next website/online shop. Send me a message to, I’m looking forward to hearing from you 🙂Sketch of Telmo Web Developer


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